Somalia sacks intelligence and police chiefs

Somalia’s government has removed the country’s chief of intelligence and police commissioner, a day after an attack in the capital, Mogadishu, claimed more than 25 lives.

The dismissal of Abdillahi Mohamed Sanbalooshe and Abdihakim Dahir Said on Sunday follows the resignation of Somalia’s minister of defence and chief of staff of intelligence forces earlier this month, two days before a deadly truck bombing – the worst single attack in the country’s history – claimed more than 300 lives.

Mohamed Shire, a security and political consultant, says the government has been unable to stop such attacks due to the “constant change of guard in terms of the Somali security institutions”.

“There is a gap in terms of security here,” Shire told Al Jazeera from Mogadishu. “There is a gap in terms of their capacity with intelligence services, and a lack of resources.”


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