The Criminal Case Against Jawar Mohammed

Resistance to dictatorships creates the political conditions that are conducive for the emergence of visionary, inspirational, and transformational leaders.  The struggle against apartheid produced Nelson Mandela and the fight against the TPLF dictatorship gave rise to Dr. Abiy. Unfortunately, dictatorships also spawn political crooks, charlatans, and carnival barkers.  One such individual is Jawar Mohammed.

Jawar Mohammed, a man with mediocre intellect, limited education, and no political integrity, is the partial creation of the TPLF.  Because of his propaganda work, the TPLF declared him persona non grata, convicted in him in absentia, and banned his media outlet. The declaration, conviction, and banning turned a political crook into political hero.  Dr. Abiy’s decision to share the stage with Jawar in Minnesota on July 30 elevated his status among his followers, groupies, and worshippers. Sharing a stage with Jawar was a big mistake. The deceitful, unprincipled, and fraudulent Jawar is not in league with the Prime Minister.  Similarly, the red-carpet welcome that he was accorded in the Millennium Hall on August 5 was unworthy of an individual of his low stature. These two events have inflated his already over-sized ego.

Now, this egomaniac demagogue sees himself as “the little Ayatollah”, a title aptly bestowed on him by the OLF. He lords over the Oromo opposition politicians. They must obey his political fatwas or face the risk of forfeiting the financial assistance they receive from him or even worse being barred from the “Jawar fiefdom”.  A result of his over lordship is the incendiary statement written by Jawar that was issued by five Oromo opposition parties last month.

The other factor that has contributed to the manufacturing of Jawar Mohammed is the political objective and political miscalculations of the OLF.  The OLF, a separatist political organization, has made serious political blunders, the gravest of which has been its alliance with the TPLF, currently and in the past.   The vast majority of the Oromo people reject separation and the alliance with the TPLF. The reasons are clear.Readmore>>

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