Oromo Liberation Front says it did not return to Ethiopia for peaceful struggle

Now its name scrapped from the list of terrorists and allowed to enter the country, Oromo Liberation Front openly declares its commitment for armed struggle denying that it did not return for a peaceful struggle. It also says that it will not disarm

A day after Ethiopian ruling coalition concluded its 11th party congress in the southern city of Hawassa, with the motto “national Unity for multifaceted prosperity” and resolving not to tolerate anymore lawlessness and displacement of residents, a radical ethno-nationalist and secessionist group – Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) reportedly claimed that it did not have any agreement with the government regarding disarming its fighters and/or peaceful struggle.

As per a report by Walta, Dawud Ibsa who is the leader of OLF reportedly said that he will not disarm his fighters.

“The talk that OLF returned to Ethiopia after an agreement with the government of Ethiopia to disarm and struggle peacefully is baseless. There is no agreement where we agreed to disarm. There is no reason for us to disarm while there is an armed party [seemingly a reference to the government]” he is quoted as saying.

He added, “no one will disarm, and no one is able to make [us] disarm.”Read more>>>

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