Ethiopian rebels return home as AG 7 close rebel military camp in Eritrea

Ethiopian rebels military camp in Eritrea now closed. Rebel fighters will be reintegrated into the society

As the Ethiopian Opposition rebel movement Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 closes rebel military camp in Eritrea, which is said to be part of the deal with Ethiopian government, hundreds and thousands of rebels are reportedly returning home though Humera in Northern Gonder, according to a report by Ethiopian government media outlets.

It was during Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s visit to the United States in early August of this year that AG 7 and Ethiopian government officials met in Washington to discuss next steps of AG 7 after ending armed activity along the Ethio-Eritrean border and elsewhere in Ethiopia in recognition of new political atmosphere in Ethiopia that is said to be conducive for a peaceful struggle. And reintegrating demobilized rebel forces into the society was among agenda items during talk.Read more

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