Ethiopia must lift internet outage in eastern region – Coalition

A group of internet rights bodies, #KeepItOn have appealed to the Ethiopian government to restore internet access to areas in the country’s eastern region.

Their call was contained in a joint letter published in the wake of reports that cities across Ethiopia’s Somali regional state were in a state of internet outage following security skirmishes between the federal and regional authorities.

“We are writing to urgently request that you ensure the stability and openness of the internet. We have received reports that your government has shut down the internet in Jijiga, Dire Dawa, and

Harar cities in Ethiopia.

“On behalf of the more than 150 organizations from over 50 countries that make up the #KeepitOn Coalition, we implore you to keep the internet on in Eastern Ethiopia,” their letter read in part.

Access Now, one of the key members of the coalition defines Internet Shutdown as: “an intentional disruption of internet or electronic communications, rendering them inaccessible or effectively unusable, for a specific population or within a location, often to exert control over the flow of information.”

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