Abiy Ahmed a ‘painkiller, not a cure’ for Ethiopia’s problems

Ginchi, Ethiopia – The people in the small town of Ginchi in central Oromia region are mostly farmers, earning their livelihood by working on land like most in Ethiopia.

Until about three years ago most Ethiopians had never heard of the town about two hours’ drive west of the capital, Addis Ababa.

But the town of some 20,000 people is now part of history in this East African country for successfully organising protests against government land acquisition plan.

A group of young men from the town took to the streets in late 2015, unhappy with the reallocation of land, which had belonged to a school in the town, to a private developer.

After days of demonstrations, the government, in a rare move, rescinded the decision.

News of the government’s retreat spread to other parts of Oromia, where people, unhappy with the government decision to extend the boundaries of Addis Ababa, took to the streets.


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