Ethiopia: A Three-Headed Monster, Haile, Fisseha and Lidetu

by Mekuria

All sorts of personalities are crawling out of the woodwork following the prospect of change in Ethiopian politics. As the struggle of Ethiopians for civil and political rights intensifies, three distinct groups of individuals are rearing their ugly heads.

Group 1: The Haile Group—so named after Haile G/Selassie.

This group perceives the prospect of change in Ethiopia as an ominous cloud that hangs over the regime it supports. To this group, change poses a threat to the existing state of affairs and is, therefore, a situation that needs to be nipped in the bud. Members of this group go to great lengths to assume the role of savior of the establishment, and fall all over each other to do their part in bailing bail out a regime that appears to be on the verge of collapse.

This group comprises individuals who enjoy a certain level of fame and fortune in their own right. They tend to be individuals who gained prominence largely through their own efforts and, ironically enough, do not necessarily need a linkage with the regime to continue to be successful in their chosen line of work and beyond. Every indication is that they are not part of the inner circle of the ruling elite, but act as if they were. Whether or not they are direct beneficiaries of the prevailing system is debatable.Read more

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